Increase Hashrate up to 70TH/s!

for Antminer Series S17, for Antminer Series S9 up to 16.8 TH/s

Get instantly notified

Keep track of equipment online statuses, hashrates, temperature changes, power consumption levels and more

Switch easily between Wallets, Pools and Miner Combinations


For more features and guidelines, please contact our support

Easy Deployment

Setup process takes minutes, whilst your hardware is automatically detected by the system

Dashboard Access

Spread out tasks and access within your working group for more efficient management


Receive alerts by Telegram Bot on the current statuses of your equipment


Overclock your miners by adjusting each chip’s clock speed to maximize profit

Overheat Prevention

Stay informed on temperatures statuses, and get notified of critical levels


Switch between pools and coin combinations, shift to existing or add new wallets


Whitelist IP addresses, and configure remote access. Trace activity logins, and secure your account by 2FA


Integrated VPN configuration to mask your IPs

Supported Equipment List


S9* S9i S9j S9SE S9-Hydro S9(VNISH) S9(mskminer) S11 S17 S17 Pro T17 S15 T15 L3+ L3++ D3/D3(Blissz) DR3 A3 T9/T9+ Z9/Z9-Mini X3 E3 B3 S7 Z11


T3H+ T2Th+ T2Thf+ T2Thl+ T2Th T2Tz-30T T2Thm T2Thf T2T+(32T) T2Ts-26T T2Ti-25T T2T-24T A9 ZMaster D9 DecredMaster S11 SiaMaster T3 BTCMiner


Coming Soon